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Manual Handling

Personnel engaged in manual handling must be given training to comply with legislation. Vickie Dunne Training Limited provide solutions for employers who need to comply with regulations by delivering practical courses.


Our courses are designed to provide employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to minimise the risk of injury while conducting everyday tasks. Participants will also be made aware of the consequences of lifting incorrectly.


Training is classroom-based as well as being highly interactive. Participants will be asked to role-play and perform practical exercises to reinforce understanding and learning.


On completion of training, participants will receive a manual handling certificate. Depending on the course you choose, certification will last between two to three years.

We help train personnel to lift and care for patients correctly

Manual Handling Courses Available

  • Manual Handling

  • Patient Manual Handling

Train your staff effectively and efficiently with our help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will my manual handling certificate be valid for?

    Participants involved in patient manual handling will be certified for two years while individuals with a manual handling certificate will be certified for three years.

  • How long do the courses take to complete?

    Individuals involved with patient manual handling will complete their course in one day while a regular manual handling course will be completed in a half-day session.

  • Is manual handling risk assessment included in the course learning?

    Yes. Individuals will learn about the dangers of unsafe lifting as well as the anatomy of the spine and muscular system. Following completion of your course, individuals will understand the reasons for doing a job in a way which allows for the least amount of risk.